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Look For These 7 Qualities In A Tampa SEO Company

Are you looking to hire a new SEO company? Hold on just a minute! Before calling up another company that claims they can “get you to the top of Google, no questions asked”. Prepare yourself for success by finding out what qualities these SEO professionals should have to get good results. This is why it’s vital that as a client you’ve got a good understanding of what Search Engine Optimization is along with knowing the right questions to ask in order to find the best experts to help you meet your goals. As Google has evolved over the years, the SEO industry has basically formed 2 types of search engine methodology. 1) Do whatever it takes to get page 1, no matter what. (Black Hat SEO) OR 2) Form a strong ethical strategy that will ensure increased rankings over the long-term. (White Hat SEO)

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Although the second methodology is likely to cost you more upfront, search engine marketing is an investment and you want to ensure you’re building a solid foundation from the start.  Any Tampa SEO company that is thinking strategically will ask you what your goals are within the first few minutes of their consulting session with you. If they don’t, scratch them off the list and move on to the next company.

Here are 7 qualities to consider prior to calling up a Tampa SEO company:

  1. Transparency: It’s important for the SEO company to be transparent in the way they get communicate with you about services and techniques. They should be clear about the SEO strategies they will be using and not attempt to hide anything from you as their client.

  1. Reliability: You can trust the best Tampa SEO company to deliver exceptional results after using proper search engine optimization tactics. A reliable SEO firm will always keep you updated regarding the performance of your site. You can count on them to notify you if anything drastic happens to your site traffic.

  1. Professionalism: A professional search engine marketing company will always be ready to answer your questions and discuss any changes in strategy that you feel need to be implemented fast. Some companies prefer phone, others email and some even like Skype. Try calling first, then email. It’s very unprofessional for the search marketing consultant to ignore your calls or act like you are bothering them whenever you contact them to make inquiries.

  1. Cost Effectiveness: The most important thing is to make sure you’re clear about your goals. Is it really page 1 that you’re interested in? or is it really more conversions you’re seeking? Be clear about what it is that you’re looking for so that the SEO company can better help you reach your goals. Miscommunication is often the leading cause of not getting the results you were hoping for from an SEO company. Remember you can start out small and once you’ve met your first goal then pay more when you start achieving the returns on your investment.

  1. Flexibility: Find out if the company offers other internet marketing services such as web development or SEM. This will allow you to optimize different platforms and get a better brand visibility online. It’s better to work with one Tampa SEO company that offers all internet marketing services under one roof versus shopping around for multiple companies.

  1. Timely: Before you finally agree to begin the Tampa SEO services, make sure you discuss the deadlines. When should you expect to see the reports? Will they be ready on daily, weekly or monthly basis? Remember asking questions is key if you’d like to avoid disappointments.

  1. Accountability: Most importantly, the right firm will provide the best local SEO services by standing behind their work. If your site rankings drop significantly after hiring the consultants, they should be ready to give you a detailed explanation as to why this happened. Although search engine rankings will fluctuate based on competitors, an SEO companies actions should always have a positive impact on your site rankings and conversion rates overall.

Search engine optimization and other online marketing efforts will make or break your business, take the time to seek out the right company that will help you meet your goals. Remember you’ll often reap the best value by selecting one reputable company to work with versus shopping around for various SEO services.

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