Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Customer Reviews Will Make Or Break Your Business

customer reviews

Customer Reviews = Your Business Reputation

Your only one customer away from a bad review; and Your only one bad review away from a bad reputation online which could mean losing thousands of dollars in money that should have been yours!

When people need to get services done they typically begin by asking their friends or family members if they have any personal recommendations on who they would recommend.  If their friends or family didn’t know of anyone to do those services, the customer would typically go online in order to gather more information.  Usually the customer will do a search – the service that they are looking for + the city that they’re located in Which will bring up the results with all the businesses listed by Google ranking and show that business’s customer reviews and ratings.

Customer Reviews When Searching Online

That means when customers are searching for local services they are seeing the businesses reputation displayed right before their very eyes.  It’s important to remember that reputation whether good or bad determines your business growth through your customer satisfaction.  As a successful business you are there to serve your customer the best possible five-star service that you have to offer them. This will keep your customers happy, which will inspire them to leave you raving five-star reviews that will go on to attract hot new review referrals for your local business.

A Few Facts About Customer Reviews

Only 15% of consumers did NOT go online to find more information about the business before purchasing products or services.

Most consumers look at an average of about 10 customer reviews before deciding to trust a business.

So can you see how your business is not credible or trusted without at least 10 five star reviews? So not only are bad reviews problem but no customer reviews are equally as bad, because there is nothing to give your business credibility online.  Even if your business is locally five-star acclaimed-do you know what they’re saying about you online?


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