Monday, November 24, 2014

Bed and Breakfast Online Reputation

I’m not supposed to be doing this… But I couldn’t wait…I wanted to let you look at our review monitoring system that we created for everyone attending our event today: www.BadReviewsAbout.Me

Look at how laid out and easy to read everything is about your reputation online, all in a single screen shot! On top of that, it aggregates and puts together a complete list of all your negative reviews that you’ll need to take care of.

It’s so darn useful, especially since it gathers 1,000’s of pieces of data from your review networks and puts it together in a single report IN UNDER 60 SECONDS!

But, even better than monitoring your reviews – what if you could filter any reviews posted about you online? So that only you could see them, and be able to answer them before the review was posted for everyone else to see? That would be really amazing, wouldn’t it? Well, inside our event I’ll be showing you how exactly you can do just that.

As if this weren’t enough, we’re also going to show you a system that we’ve set up which can POST 100’s OF 5-STAR REVIEWS ONLINE EVERY MONTH. This is the biggest look into our proprietary reputation system that anyone has ever seen, so you can take the same strategies we show you, and use them for yourself.

Even better, is the automatic follow-up system that we show you how to use. So now you no longer have to badger guests to leave reviews, ask them how their stay was, collect referrals, or just simply follow-up for 100 other reasons. Inside the event today, we’re laying it all out there for you guys. And at the end we’re giving you our STEP by STEP guide on doing all this! We are literally GIVING YOU our entire blueprint to running a 5-Star Business. Here’s a preview of our “4 Horsemen Strategy”

Reputation Marketing


We’ll see you at the event,

Sasha and Zachary Miller


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