Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Reputation Reveals Everything Because…

When potential clients who DO NOT know you, DO NOT trust you and DO NOT care about you see your reputation online, you have a large hill to overcome from there. If there is one thing that people trust, it’s other people’s reviews on what your service is like. Reputation Marketing is about creating a 5-star reputation and an online presence to the THOUSANDS of people searching for you locally and are looking to get the BEST SERVICE first!



The first recent game changer in marketing is that when any business name + the city is typed int0 Google.com it = that business’s online reputation.

Let’s say a current client wants to look up directions or a new service listed on your site, they type your business name into Google and in LESS THAN A SEC Google has your reputation displayed for all your current clients and potential clients to see. Even worse, let’s say it was a new referral looking up a phone number, to see if you have a website or get directions but all of a sudden after they type in your business name they begin change their mind when they see a number of bad reviews or just as bad, no reviews listed in the search results.



The second game changer in marketing that affects your reputation

The fact that customer reviews are a major factor online in nearly every type of marketing. Reputation marketing isn’t something that you do-it’s something you absolutely MUST do! Your clients leave reviews online, you cannot stop that-and in fact you shouldn’t want to stop it. Reputation marketing is utilizing what is happening naturally only it’s giving YOU the power and control to direct the flow of clientele.



The third game changer I’m going to mention in this article is that if you are spending precious dollars on SEO, Social Media, PPC, or local marketing NONE OF IT WORKS if you have a bad reputation online!

If you have bad reviews online and you’re spending money to rank in Google or for social media or PPC or even local marketing like benches and billboard, you’re throwing your money away-you might as well just flush it straight down the toilet. You’re literally PAYING POTENTIAL CLIENTS TO LOOK T YOUR BAD REVIEWS! That can’t be good for business! Even with a local 5-star reputation-unless that 5-star reputation is translated online, you’re only one bad review away from a bad reputation because reviews spread like wild fire online. Make sure you claim the top local directories online develop a 5-star reputation, market that reputation monitor, and respond to all your reviews as well as create a 5-star marketing culture within your business team.


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