Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Successful Search Engine Marketing is a Puzzle - Got All the Essential Pieces?

Optimizing your website for search engines is a fairly difficult task. But like any other, it can be divided into a number of doable tasks in order to simplify the process. In order for your website to be favored by search engines, you will need the help of a Tampa SEO company. These professionals will look into every aspect of your website that affects its ranking and do all it takes to prepare it for search engines. Here are a number of things that need to be done for successful search engine marketing.

Proper keyword research

First, your website needs to be centered on the right keywords. Keywords on web pages help you to target the right customers. You can’t target a keyword or phrase that is unrelated to your business. You’ll end up driving the wrong people to your site. There are a number of keyword research tools that make the work easier for website owners. However, smart keyword research involves finding a practical list of words and phrases people use when looking for your business or product online.

Proper Use of Keywords

Tampa SEO doesn’t stop when you find the right keywords, you need to understand how and where to use them. As soon as you identify appropriate keywords for your website, the next step is to place them strategically at various points of the site. First, you need to have keywords in the body of the page itself and then place them in the Meta tags too. However, don’t stuff keywords everywhere on the page and in every sentence. There are keyword positioning and placement rules that must be followed.

Proper Internal Linking

Another important strategy in Tampa SEO is internal linking. You need to link to everything because people may visit your site from any page. Not everyone will start from the home page so it’s important to make sure there are links to important pages on the site like the contact us page and home page. Also make sure there are internal links on the body of the text in each page. For instance, when writing a blog post, place a link to a related post or directing users to a page with information that they’d love to read. This not only gives users a quicker navigation system but also enhances the bounce rate of your site which helps to boost search rankings.

Effective Link Building Techniques

If you hire a company to provide local SEO services, make sure you understand what link building is and what kind of link building they’ll be doing for you.  Many SEO companies do semi-automated link building as a default for most packages. Although this is a “frowned-upon approach” (and one that we do not recommend as a long-term strategy), the fact of the matter is, many SMBs simply can’t afford to shell out $1,000-10,000 a month for manual link building.  Manual link building requires much more time and resources to effectively create user-based content and reach out to top industry influencers to build strong long-lasting relationships as a network. Typically an SEO expert will charge $100-150 per hour for manual link building, which is why these services can get so costly. Moz recently had a link building survey covering everything from the most common link building tactics to how much companies spend on average for manual link building services.  In the 2013 survey, only 11% of the respondents said their company spent $10-50k+ per month on link building, this year, 37% $10-50K a month on link building services. Read the full study here.

SEO is indeed an investment and for businesses looking to invest and build their online presence the best way possible, we (at Overdrive Strategies) always recommend manual link building for the highest quality methods that works WITH Google’s algorthims ensuring safest search engine marketing that’s built to last.  Search engine marketing isn’t quick especially if you are targeting very competitive list of keywords. However, if you implement Tampa SEO strategies that work, your business will gain online visibility for the long term.  For more information on our own link building tactics visit our help center.

Successful Search Engine Marketing is a Puzzle - Got All the Essential Pieces?

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