Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Referral Marketing : Lead Generation- Cold Leads vs Hot 5-Star Review Referrals

referral marketingReferral Marketing : What is lead generation?

Lead Generation is where the leads for your business come from. There are two kinds of lead generation-cold leads and referral leads.

What are Cold Leads in Referral Marketing?

Things like Direct Marketing, telemarketing, newspaper ads, TV advertisements, radio, billboards, mailers, ect.  trying to market to people who don’t know you, trust you and haven’t been pre-qualified.

Referral Leads

Referral Marketing is marketing to people who know you, like you, & trust you.  Current clients, friends, or family would be considered you’re strategic partners in referring you to others.  Referral marketing is the more preferred type of lead generation as it pre-sells potential buyers because the referral or review is coming from a fellow peer & current client.

Are you aware that there are THOUSANDS of people searching for your local services RIGHT NOW?! That’s right! Any business name + the city = that business’s online reputation.  Besides that their also searching for your keywords that describe the services you offer within your city. Depending on the results that are coming up for your business-it may just be bad enough or bare enough to scare potential customers into the arms of another seemingly more reputable business.

The Most Powerful Way To Generate Referral Leads

Out of the 6 buying triggers social proof is by far the most powerful when it comes to generating referral leads for your business.  What is social proof? word-of-mouth-referrals, customer reviews, & video testimonials.  Video testimonials being the most preferred for businesses to use because reactions and emotions are conveyed so much better through sound & image.  Another plus  about video reviews is that depending on the business, product or reviewer-the prospect or person watching the review may show the product or quality of service on the video.

“72% of buyers online said they read online reviews like a personal recommendation from someone they know.” Wow! That is huge!  So you can see that by utilizing your current 5-star reviews and getting current clients to leave you more 5-star reviews, you can start getting more hot pre-sold clients that have been searching for you online and turn your business’s referral marketing strategy around 180 degrees!

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Referral Marketing : Lead Generation- Cold Leads vs Hot 5-Star Review Referrals

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