Monday, October 6, 2014

Online Reviews Are Affecting MY Business?!

Online Reviews Are Quickly Becoming The New Standard

Many owners are quickly starting to realize the tremendous impact online reviews are having on their businesses. In a time where social media and consumer generated content dominates the web, it is common for customers to be discussing you on line – regardless of your industry-everyone is able to get reviews online now.

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Online Reviews Are Important Because Buyers TRUST Customer Reviews!

A recently available Nielsen poll shows us that online reviews are the reason why marketing focuses have recently changed by showing the ways individuals are influenced to select one brand over another is changing. From the people polled, 70% expressed they trust consumer reviews posted online.

Whether your web profiles are flooded with good reviews, no reviews or bad online reviews, LOTS (hundreds and thousands) of folks are reading them EVERY SINGLE MONTH, and they’re using what they find to formulate opinions of YOUR business and mine as well.

And it’s a lot more than simply reading what your reviews say. Just take Google for instance. When somebody performs a Google search of the name of a local plumber, it’s not unusual for the outcomes to add the company’s web site and a whole slew of other consumer review sites, to the selection of sources. Online reviews improve search engine rankings and organic ranking. It takes merely a couple of quick searches of one’s favorite local organizations to see proof of this.

buyers trust online reviews

Online Reviews Are The Most Powerful Form Of Social Proof Buyers Are Looking For

When those online reviews appear in the search results, it’s very likely they’re also helping drive traffic to your website.  Interested traffic means highly increased conversions because  when searchers find your five star online reviews it give them the security of social proof they’re looking for BEFORE deciding to do business with you.

It’s also good to consider that it’s always better to be proactive vs. reactive when it comes to online reviews on the web.   It’s much easier to prevent negative reviews vs. trying to remove them later on.  Of course the more positive reviews that are available, the greater the possibilities they are going to overshadow the few negative reviews of your business. Encouraging your customers to leave you a good online review cannot hurt either. Afterall it’s the same thing you do to build a referral customer base only this time you’re simply asking them, if they enjoyed their experience, to leave you a review online at one of your review sites. To make the whole process easier, becoming a member of a professional reputation monitoring or marketing  service such as Overdrive Strategies’s Online Reviews Monitoring also can help you to be more efficient about maintaining a great reputation online.

Online Reviews Show Customers That You Care!

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Responses to negative reviews may have the maximum amount of of an influence in your consumers even with the other great reviews that your customers leave. Consequently, regularly monitoring of your online reviews is essential. Ensure your business can proactively respond to negative reviews with genuine efforts to really make the situation right or clarify details. Consumers are not just reading the negative reviews, but they’re watching the way you respond back to them, as well.

While recommendations happens to be valued, it may be fleeting. Today online reviews follow the old word-of-mouth model, but are far more public – and permanent. Ergo, their impact for ANY business is now quite powerful!

Understand what others are saying about your company online, get PROACTIVE and start to ENGAGE consumers to simply help you get a handle on your reputation online.

Online Reviews Are Affecting MY Business?!

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