Friday, October 3, 2014

Game Changer In Marketing – What It Means For Your Business

Game Changer #1- the name of the company + the city reveals that companies reputation.

First off the marketing game changer for Google reviews requires at least a minimum of 10 reviews to even be credible and to even list your business is reputation score but not needed to show your reviews.

Think about how much you spend in marketing each month.

Regardless of the number, because of this game changer it’s important to think about what forms of advertising consumers are currently trusting the most-and then spend your marketing budget accordingly.

game changer

Nielsen Advertising Trust Survey 2011

Anything that is below 50% is not worth your marketing budget! You’re trying to build credibility where there no longer is any. (TV advertisements and text advertisements are a great example) reputation marketing is the most important pillar of marketing and should take up a minimum of 25 to 30% of your total marketing budget.  If I were to personally conduct a business’s whole marketing strategy I would use up to 40 to 50% for reputation marketing alone-due to this marketing game changer – that’s how crucial a business’s online reputation is.

Game changer #2- customer reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.

A business is bad reviews show up in Google maps, Google plus, pay per click campaigns, local review directories, Yellow Pages, it hurts your website rankings & KILLS your organic rankings!

If you have bad reviews  AND you’re paying for pay per click, SEO, social media, or local marketing-STOP! You’re throwing your hard-earned money away! What you’re literally doing is advertising your bad reviews to your customers. Do you think that’s attracting you business?…

Creative five-star reputation-and market your business’s products and services, so that your customers can be wowed and leave you raving reviews that will turn prospects into hot new referrals.

Game changer #3- 81% of consumers consider reviews and testimonials of high importance when buying.

72% of consumers trust online customer reviews as much as a personal recommendation from people they know. –Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey 2011

46% of consumers post reviews. And 49% of consumers will not buy with our reviews.

Consumers look at an average of 6 to 10 reviews before making a decision about a business.– survey 2001-2012

Can you see that if your business has bad reviews or does not have at least 10 five-star reviews- your business is just not credible online? Train and inspire your staff to give five-star customer service that will inspire your customers to leave you five-star reviews about your business!


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Game Changer In Marketing – What It Means For Your Business

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