Sunday, October 5, 2014

Before Spending a Dime in Your Automotive SEO - Know the Right Way to Invest

What kind of returns should I expect if I target keywords A, B and C? This is one of the most common questions every dealership owner asks before investing in automotive SEO. As a business, you must know that whatever you’re paying is worth the investment.

Clearly, SEO is an investment and you choose to put in money because you expect good returns.

Having been involved in paper trading, I understand what it means to invest. I used to do research to identify the stocks that were performing best, buy them and then sell at a good time in order to get some returns.

SEO is more or less the same as the stock market.

You start by doing your research to know which keywords are best and the ones you feel will perform well in terms of boosting traffic and conversions. You take a risk by choosing certain keywords that you think are more likely to bring great returns. Just like choosing stocks when trading in the stock market.

Every investor uses a different strategy when choosing stocks; just the same way website owners apply a unique approach to choose the best keywords.

Buying the wrong stocks would cost you a lot of money. Selling the stocks when it’s too early or too late may also make you lose a lot of money. You must use skill to pick the best stocks and know just how much time you need to keep them before selling. Similarly, you must choose the right set of keywords and target them for a specific time period.

There are many lessons learnt when comparing these two forms of investment but the most important lesson I learnt is that selecting the best stocks or keywords is not difficult. The real issue is when trying to hold them for the right amount of time even when there are ups and downs in the industry like significant fluctuations in rankings.

Rankings on search engines will always go up and down periodically just like the stock market. According to Dr. Pete Meyers who is a cognitive psychologist and search engine analyst, more than 80% of search engine result pages change every day. This information is obtained on his blog post that covers search engine ranking fluctuations.

According to Dr. Peter Meyers blog post which was published on SEOMoz

Change is a must even when it comes to auto dealer SEO.

The only way you are going to immerse wealth is by researching and being patient to receive great returns in the long term. This is what has made well known investors like Warren Buffett so successful. They don’t invest in the short term. They make moves that will yield profits in 5, 10 or even 20 years later.

This is not a practice that is only important when immersing wealth but also in SEO. You can’t put money on SEO and expect to get great returns in a few months. If you are looking for instant profits then that’s not effective automotive marketing. If you want to be guaranteed that you will have obtained your ROI within a year or so, then that’s still not SEO.

SEO is a process for those who are willing to invest in the long term and have a vision that they are working towards. You must be ready to do what it takes to achieve that vision.

Search engine optimization is a process that can take years before you see the real ROI. Research shows that more than 80% of searchers are likely to click on an organic listing after launching a query on search engines.

PPC marketing campaigns may appear to be less risky if done strategically but they may not offer you long term returns. With PPC, the highest click through rate you should expect is 7-8% per search result page, which is really low considering that you are paying for traffic.

On the other hand,automotive SEO can help you to gain a top ranking position and a high click through rate of about 40-60% if not more. This means that organic traffic has a potential of giving your dealership 10 times more traffic compared to PPS even though the process may take time and may not happen instantly. SEO is not the kind of investment you put money in and expect immediate results in tenfold.

Maybe the best way to look at SEO is as a form of branding that you expect to yield results in the long term and not as a marketing strategy. When you build a brand, you are making an investment whose results will be amortized in the long run. The same goes for SEO.

To cut the long story short: Invest in automotive SEO for the long term. If you are about to consider SEO services know that you are making an important investment that may take a while to materialize. However, when it does, it’s going to be worth your time and money.

Before Spending a Dime in Your Automotive SEO - Know the Right Way to Invest

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