Friday, October 31, 2014

Auto Dealer Reputation Management - Setting Expectations

Every dealership understands how important their company’s reputation is and you give your very best to shield unfavourable feedback. But what happens when even your very best efforts at maintaining a strong reputation are simply not enough?

When it comes to auto dealer reputation management, many dealers mistakenly believe hiring a Reputation Management or automotive consulting company will erase months worth of unflattering reviews from their review network sites without any effort on their end. None the less, I must tell you, that is a great misconception about automotive reputation management companies offering such solutions.

The fact remains, anyone who informs you they are able to remove all  your bad reviews and fill your dealerships listings with nothing but 5 star reviews is either lying to you or potentially committing illegal acts, which may ultimately harm your credibility. Reviews must be earned organically by training your staff on the real value of providing extraordinary customer service to every person while also using proactive review gathering methods like Text-2-Review that make it easy and fast for customers to leave reviews.

When dealerships find themselves unprepared after they discover bad reviews online, they look for specialized help from auto dealer reputation management or people like myself, to help improve their situations.

Probably the most challenging component of automotive reputation management is getting the dealers to recognize there is absolutely no magic wand to make the negative reviews disappear.  I teach them proactive solutions like gathering more good reviews to push down the bad ones  – it’s the only ethical way. Besides, even if I had the capability to remove negative reviews, that doesn’t solve the underlying issue that’s causing the negative reviews in the first place.

A dealerships reputation online is the direct link of how well they listen and engage with their customers. It’s true – not absolutely all reviews accurately reflect the specific circumstances of the corporation, but 91% of prospects read reviews they find on the internet and base their purchasing decisions on those reviews.

Customers take time to publish lengthy reviews, in line with the experience they’d at your store and with staff members – and yes a lot of times they’re based on emotion rather than accurate facts. The important thing should be to not get defensive. So a part of my job must be to help clarify the valid points created by the customers, particularly if recurring comments are demonstrably not getting addressed in-store.

Its imperative that you recognize that the customer took precious time out from the busy day to supply feedback that one could to work well with to boost your entire organization.

Some dealers choose to begin to use an auto dealer reputation management company to deal with or respond back to their reviews. Most of them want to invest in the problem but believe selling cars is more important. Reasonable so, but there aren’t many car buyers out there now that don’t Google a dealership before buying a car, so it’s critical to actively engage your on line visitors and make sure your online reputation is taken care of.

No matter how much money you pay – no reputation system in the world will likely turn your local store into a 5 star dealership. If you insist on getting good results – you’ll need to position yourself as the market leader and put in a little effort.

Overdrive Strategies offers custom approaches for auto dealer reputation management by assisting dealerships with proactive solutions in your case & your staff to make & maintain a fantastic well-rounded reputation.

Anyone who genuinely wants to grow their reputation and still sell cars every single day might wish to start using a reputation service to better manage their time. Just bear in mind they’re there to you’re your dealership improve – they cannot take care of your customers for you.

Any store that simply sits back and waits for 5 star reviews without emphasizing their customers & feedback, will undoubtedly be left behind in 2014.  You must be proactive to generate a 5-star reputation. That requires a little effort & determination in your part.

Customer care is the solution to selling more cars this year – social engagement & responding to feedback will be the ways to make it happen!

Common recurring complaints are always a fantastic indicator you have what to improve upon. Ignoring your on line visitors feedback only hurt you in the end and allow more bad reviews. Own up, take full action for your online reputation, have the whole staffs support with this topic, and use an automotive consulting company to be your go-to to improve you automotive marketing efforts. It all starts with YOU!

Auto Dealer Reputation Management - Setting Expectations

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