Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Always Feels Like White Glove

5-Star5-Star Reputations…

Not everyone can be a 5-star company. But anyone who is giving service that is 5-star and wants to keep it that way MUST be marketing and managing their reputation at all costs!

Especially online, when Google now rates and reviews your business whether potential customers are looking for directions or a phone number. Those 1, 2, 3 and 4 star ratings can make the clients turn to your competitor for easier service.

What’s Your 5-Star Strategy?

Whether you’re a large corporation or small family-owned and operated business, it doesn’t matter, EVERY business needs a reputation marketing and managing strategy. Why? Because you’re only one client away from a bad review and you’re only one bad review away from a tarnished reputation that could cost you clients.  You’re reputation is everything!  As a business your reputation is directly linked to client satisfaction.  The problem businesses are running into now is remembering that some if not a majority of their clients found their business or more information about their business online.  Another thing that clients do online is leave reviews.

5-Star Reviews = 5-Star Reputation

Reviews whether good or bad are an opportunity for you to engage with your clients; while building rapport and credibility.  Businesses should be as ready to respond to good reviews just as quickly as negative ones.  While that may sound surprising it’s just common sense for keeping your 5-star reputation stellar and enable your business to provide quality customer service to your clientele.  Monitoring your bad reviews helps keep your business sharp and your staff always doing their best.  Responding to both good and bad reviews shows your clientele your 5-star reputation by showing them that you’re listening and that you care about their experiences at your establishment.

Big or small company-it doesn’t matter, what does is keeping your 5-star reputation, 5-stars by developing, marketing, managing & creating a 5-star reputation culture within your business.

Always Feels Like White Glove

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