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5 Star Reputation Online Means More Revenue In 2013

5 Star Reputation Online Means Significantly More Revenue in 2013…

Customer service is now the key component of any online marketing strategy currently because with online business listings, social media and review networks, consumers have never had so much buying power! It’s never been easier for your customers to instantly leave feedback online which over time makes up your reputation which is publicly exposed for hundreds if not thousands of local searchers see each and every month! So knowing how to monitor and market that reputation is absolutely vital for a company’s success. So what are those searchers looking for when they read reviews online.  Consumers want to be sure their time is well spent and reading online reviews provides the social proof we’re all are looking for when choosing any company to do business with.  Just look at this stat from Local.ViewPoints, 90% of people use online reviews to make buying decisions)-WOW! That is HUGE!


So we’re all consumers of some kind and when we’re online looking online for products and services, what is it that we’re REALLY searching for in a company? We’re all looking for the most reputable company that we can trust and we want social proof that others have had positive experiences before we decide to make a purchase, sign up for a service, or even visit a place of business. Don’t we? Yeah, and as you can see in the graph below, customer reviews are the most trusted type of advertising that any business can have.


5 star Reputation not only helps your business grow but your bank account as well!

You like me, know that customer reviews are a powerful form of social proof when it comes to influencing the buying decisions of others but, do you know just HOW PROFITABLE reviews can really be for you?!

Once we see that the quality a company provides is consistently positive by reading reviews others have left, we typically don’t mind paying a little extra when we find the value far outweighs the cost, do we? No, we don’t, in fact check out this photo here below. 2 out of 3 consumers state they’re more willing to spend up to 13% more with a company when they believe they provide excellent customer service! Wow, now there’s some food for thought…

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These recent stats from Local.viewpoints prove that companies would profit very well from taking a bit more time to monitor and engage with their reviews & reputation online.


This is mind-blowing stuff isn’t it? I mean something so small like customer reviews, can make such a big impact when showcased in the marketplace! Because today more than ever, consumers want to know they can trust a business to be consistent with providing excellent service & quality before deciding to make a purchase, sign up for a service, or even visit your place of business. In fact, as you can see in the photo below, 98% of consumers are unlikely to even use a business that has no reviews or ratings- WOW! NOW THAT’S POWERFUL!

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Because as you’ll see the picture below that-buyers need to read an average of 6-10 reviews before trusting a company enough to do business with them. Of course the more positive reviews you have posted online, the better customers feel about doing business with you.

6-10 reviews to be trusted

5 Star Reputation = $$$$… Is Your Reputation Losing You Revenue?

So right now it’s important to ask: How does your reputation look online? is it a 5 star reputation? Do you know the reviews that are currently online for you? Do you take time or have a system to monitor all your review directories online? It’s okay if you don’t for the time being or haven’t checked up on your reputation in a while-that’s why I’m here. There have been a lot of MAJOR changes with reviews online recently and I want to share the facts with you so that you’re able to see that the changes that have just happened are VERY POWERFUL and be able to leverage them successfully to PROFIT YOU!

Do you know your reputation online? Check it out here at: BadReviewsAbout.Me

That’s why at Overdrive Strategies we make it our business to update local companies on the most recent and BIGGEST changes that affect your reputation online by hosting special online reputation events to gives you the opportunity to see how a 5 star reputation instantly drive LOTS of new customers, gets you more referrals and dramatically increases your revenue PLUS gives you a dramatic head start on all your competition! If you’re interested in learning more about ensuring your 5 star reputation visit: http://www.OverdriveStrategies.com/MoreInfo

So which one of these products would you buy based on the evidence?


If you’re like the 90% of people who use customer reviews online, then you also chose product C. Because we’re looking for a company with social proof that they are consistent at providing great service. So as you’ve seen, having a 5 star reputation isn’t just for luxury brands anymore, everyone is getting rated & reviewed and since consumers are always looking for the best company to do business with, a 5 star reputation IS A MUST-HAVE if you want to significantly grow your revenue and be trusted as the market leader in your industry now. In the picture below you can see that everyone’s reputation is now on display for the whole world to see at ANYTIME!




As you can see from the picture above, you can see why 5 star reviews are so valuable aren’t they? They average up your overall reputation scores, ratings AND more importantly they provide social proof for the people searching for you online of the quality you provide. A 5 star reputation is SURE to beat out anything else EVERY TIME! Because no one doubts a 5 star reputation, do they? Not when it comes to lots of happy customers leaving 5-star reviews online telling others about the wonderful experiences they had with you!

So, after seeing the evidence, why leave your reputation up to chance? In order to run efficiently & still make the necessary adjustments for keeping up with your new 5 star reputation online, you really need a tested & proven strategy to maintain & market your reputation so that your business can grow exponentially & be seen as the most trusted company in your marketplace.

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5 Star Reputation Online Means More Revenue In 2013

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