Monday, September 29, 2014

Why Specific SEO Rankings Cannot Be Guaranteed

No SEO Guarantees8 Reasons Why Specific SEO Rankings Cannot Be Guaranteed by ANY SEO COMPANY

  1. We do not own Google (despite what you’ve heard). Google is the final say of where you rank and the creator of ranking algorithms – not us.

  2. Those same algorithms are ALWAYS… repeat ALWAYS CHANGING.

  3. A company can deliver a “semi-guarantee” for PAGE 1 – they cannot deliver any promises for specific rankings. Those change daily – and the algorithms for being positions 1-2-3 do too.

  4. We do not know what your keyword’s competition is (yet). It may literally be impossible to rank – and without prior research – anyone giving you a quote is doing so without knowing full well they can deliver.

  5. What a previous SEO company or service has done WILL AFFECT our efforts (for better or worse). No matter what, your previous marketing efforts can even determine if we are able to have a successful campaign or not.

  6. You’ve started marketing… then maybe stopped for a few months… then started again… then stopped maybe once more (over and over). This is called the marketing coaster – it causes the Google Dance. If you don’t do SEO & market yourself 24/7 at a gradual rate – you will have varying rankings each week.

  7. SEO takes 90 days to really see movement and be able to know if the SEO company you hired is doing a good job – or no job at all. Unfortunately, this is how people are taken advantage of because companies do less than 50% of the work they said they would.

  8. Occasionally you will fall from PAGE 1 – down to PAGE 2 for some of your keywords for moments at a time. We even have keywords we’ve dominated for YEARS – and when a new Google Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird/Pigeon update comes – we find ourselves having to climb back up again.


Why Specific SEO Rankings Cannot Be Guaranteed

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