Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Power of Online Reviews - Live Event

What if I told you, in this e-mail I’m going to give you early access to our proprietary review monitoring system at NO-COST? Yes, a review monitoring system that we created for you, just so you can know the instant a negative review is posted about you online. And now just because I gave you that, you’re really eager to go to the event, aren’t you?

Well, here’s a early look at our patent pending system that we’re giving you: www.BadReviewsAbout.Me

Reputation Marketing

Now you still may be asking, how many people are really looking for me and seeing my reviews online? Well, once you have our step by step guide showing you how to claim and optimize the top major directories, you’ll find out that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people finding you every single month. And your personal statistics will prove that seem to.

Reputation Management

And why is this so important? Well, when it gets right down to it – everyone is always comparison-shopping. We always want to know – no matter what we spend, we’re getting the best value for our money. So the next question is, who would you choose? COMPANY A: 4 Stars … COMPANY B: 3 Stars or… COMPANY C: 5 Stars?

Reputation Marketing Online

It’s no surprise, that whenever you have a guest that is on the fence inquiring into whether or not they should stay with you. The ultimate marketing tactic that anyone can use is to say, “Don’t take my word for it – check out our reviews online and what others have said about us.” And when they see 100’s of 5-Star Reviews about you…there is no question that you are the premiere 5-star Bed & Breakfast in the area. They’re going to go with you, aren’t they?

So join our event and get our review monitoring system, learn how to collect more reviews, how to answer and respond back to negative reviews… and more!


PS: If you think our review monitoring system is helpful, come to the event and see an even bigger surprise I have. I’m going to show you how to track where every single call has come, how that caller found you, all in an easy to see tracking system at NO-COST!

The Power of Online Reviews - Live Event

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