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The 10 Important Factors To Get More Website Traffic in 2014

get more website trafficLet’s face it, quality SEO services aren’t cheap and many small businesses out there may be wasting precious time and resources waiting to get more website traffic from page 1 in Google. The reality is most of these businesses may never reach that goal and instead of worrying about a possible drop in rankings, our recommendation is to plan on it! After all, most companies can’t honestly afford to rely on Google as their sole source of traffic and income.

The following checklist will make sure you’ve got all the right SEO elements covered to help you get more website traffic and visitors by patching up any “gaps” that you may have in your website’s sales funnel.

1. Leverage Your List!

Email is still one of the biggest driving factors of conversions for successful online businesses. Social media and other online marketing tools should play an important role in your marketing strategy, but building your email subscriber list will continue to be one of your most valuable assets for years to come. Always keep that in mind as you go look for more ways to get more traffic to your website even without the help of Google.

2. Refresh Your Emailing Lists

Clean out any rebound copies, mail addresses and inactive subscribers at least one time a month to enable you to concentrate on growing your serious prospects and building new ones.

3. Create Divided Lists

When your e-mail contacts are refreshing, segment the list-based on previous purchases, website and social media engagement so you can concentrate on reaching the most active individuals interested in your business.

4. Create Amazing Content

In regards to site and marketing content, you can get more website traffic by delivering advice that is advantageous, entertaining and valuable. When writing e-mails, use an appealing subject line and make certain you identify who it’s from. Frequency is up to you – typically 1 post per week and 1 newsletter once per month is great. (All our packages begin with at least 1 blog post per month.)

5. Share Website Content Across Stations

Cross submit your posts with intro links including linking for your Facebook, YouTube and other social networking pages across all marketing from your own e- website, publication and website. Post teasers concerning the content on Facebook, Google+, YouTube and other social networking sites where many people will get access to it. (Our Standard Package includes configuration of the SNAP (Social Network Auto-Poster) Plugin.)

6. Socialize Via Social Media

Use auto-posting content schedulers to help you get more website traffic and conserve time. Also be certain to examine the feedback your content receives. By enabling customers to discuss their thoughts, propositions, and concerns freely and fast, it also propels you to respond back equally as fast. By making use of an analytics system like Sprout Social or Hootsuite, you never fear the customer is not seeing your replies.

7. Listen To What Your Visitors Are Saying

Together with review sites like Yelp, people are counting on websites like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Foursquare prior to making a purchase. Pay special focus on what people say about your business on several of these websites that encourage customer reviews. Look for chances to begin dialog, and to socialize with your loyal followers, react to customer’s dilemmas those are always great means to get great reviews that are genuine.

8. Refresh Your Business Listings

Customers depend on online business directories like Citysearch, Kudzu, YellowPages, Foursquare and search engines like Google to learn about new companies. Refresh these listings every few months if company details have changed. Record specific details about your business like business hours and current specials, and be sure its all accurate and up -to date.

Wondering How Much Company Records Actually Effect Search Engine Optimization?

Beyond assisting you to acquire even more publicity online, the fact that business listing results are aggregated by all the lower-tiered local directories to multiple higher-tiered data aggregation platforms demonstrates there is power in the listings. It’s possible for you to think of it as the safest way to begin link building to your website. Just look at all those high authority websites!

the local search ecosystems

That’s a lot of authority that you’re able to utilize directly to your site! Once you are recorded, anyone who clicks through to your site or who leave a comment or a review is supporting that link. Do not be surprised if you get an added boost from the frequent users on those websites in website traffic!

9. Get Mobile-Friendly!

Get more website traffic by accommodating mobile users. More people are using mobile devices to make their purchase choices. Last year smartphone use within the U.S. alone grew by 50 percent. If possible visitors immediately try to find the information they’re looking with their mobile device – you could be losing out on hundreds of visitors daily if you’re not mobile-friendly! Need a mobile website? Dan Smith is our mobile marketing specialist, he is able to create an affordable mobile web site built to convert visitors!

10. Engage In Person or With Video

Online resources are essential to a business’ success online, but interacting in person lets you create a durable link in an a relatively short amount of time, that results in customer loyalty and ever-useful face to face relationship. Consider hosting an open house an instruction event, or various other sort of occasion to enhance knowledge about your business, build connections, and support involvement for the upcoming year. If you are an online business – use video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or Google Hangouts to participate with your audience on a more personal level.

For more posts on how to get more website traffic, digital content creation tips or the top social media strategies, visit our blog today!

The 10 Important Factors To Get More Website Traffic in 2014

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