Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reputation Marketing Features Exclusive!

Reputation Marketing Features:

Here’s a synopsis of that which you can expect and will receive with our Reputation Marketing Packages:

What our packages provide is a complete development, management & marketing “done for you” online reputation solution. We set you up right with our“one-of-a-kind proprietary system” to make certain “Your Success”straight away. And, when you yourself have a “young business”there’s no better method to establish your self and really gain massive exposure online!  For an established business our Reputation Marketing is the perfect method to renew your zest and drive fresh new customers!

Reputation marketing

We use the right tool necessary not only to collect those 5 Star Reviews (through our Text-2-Review system) but also to publish them to the best internet sites to attract “new” customers. We use reputation marketing features to expose those positive reviews to new potential customers searching for you as well.  By the way our Reputation Marketing solution is perfect for increasing customer retention!


Reputation Marketing Will Always Be Ready When You Are!

– A proprietary system that’ll monitor your company reputation 24/7, we shall send you “Alerts” within 24 hours of any “new reviews” which can be posted on the web! 365 days of the season we’ll post your best 5 star reviews on the web! This gives you the ability to respond to unhappy visitors quickly and efficiently.  Don’t know what to say? Never to worry. We train you on most of the do’s and don’ts. We offer you with response templates which can be tailored to react to any situation. If you ever need our assistance we have been a detailed telephone call away. We shall never leave you stranded or minus the best answer. If you would like us to take care of a specific situation for you personally, we can do that too!

1 ) We provide you with professionally crafted promotional material. This consists of but isn’t limited by postcards, business cards and a Text-2-Review Poster that ask for reviews from your visitors.

2 ) An exclusive website (created by us) that’ll allow your customers to publish reviews effectively. We shall also provide your internet site configured to produce a lot of 5 Star Reviews for your customers!

– We have a proven method that’ll filter any bad reviews (4 stars and below) from being posted on the web by your visitors. Should there be any bad reviews, you will end up notified within 24 hours for you to respond back to. The great reviews are then posted by us and distributed to different review sites online which will be most beneficial to your business. Some will head to your personal website to offer a superb image to anybody viewing your website. That is ideal for referring new customers for more information about your company with instant authority!

3 ) In the event that you currently don’t have a web site we have the resources to set one up for you or even just an optimized mobile site. Just give us the information we request from you and we’ll care for the rest!

Reputation Marketing Includes EVERYTHING Your Company Needs To Be The Market Leader!

– Currently we offer templates to arm you with the actual words and proper techniques to answer any negative reviews. These templates have now been professionally constructed and tested to create you perfect results from any negative situation. This permits you the ability not to only retain their business but in addition turn that very dissatisfied customer in to a happy one! This really is all provided in it of course, if you ever need assistance we’re always here for you personally.

Yes! We Even Include Training Your Staff!

– We not just provide “You” with Expert Training, we provide “Your staff” with a “Complete Training Center! ” Custom designed just for your company! ” You will see valuable training material accessible to you as well as your staff 24/7. By the end of every  training we shall test each employee and the outcomes of these tests are forwarded right to you. When required we shall re-test individuals should they struggle. Re-testing will undoubtedly be done once they review the applicable regions of training material again. This may explain to you which personnel need help and in what areas. All things considered, your staff would be the ones which will have a sizable part to play in the whole success of your Business and asking for reviews! We cover just about everything else! Click here to see our Reputation Marketing Packages.

Reputation Marketing Features Exclusive!

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