Monday, September 29, 2014

Online Reputation Management for Dentists

We’re closing in on the final minutes before our event goes live and it’s possible that you still haven’t signed up yet. Maybe it’s because of 101 different things going on in your business, or you just couldn’t make it to the event this time around. Well here’s a tip – everyone who signs up and reserves their seat and IS NOT ABLE TO MAKE IT will be offered a replay of the event to watch at their convenience.

Now I don’t know whether or not you can picture this event in your mind. And if you can see the amazing techniques we’ve been talking about for the past 2 weeks. And just think about how 60 minutes will change the way you do business from now on. (THIS IS HUGE)

Imagine being able to automate entire parts of your business within 24 hours! Well that’s exactly what we’re going to be showing you…

Now, I know in the past there’s times you’ve made the right decision and it’s been perfect for you, and you were totally satisfied, weren’t you? And there have been times where perhaps you’ve did something and then afterwards weren’t satisfied. It’s my job to make sure you use your best judgment. So I’m just going to ask you a couple of questions.

Think of a time when you were absolutely sure of something you wanted, absolutely convinced was a good idea, and were satisfied with it later. Okay, now when you do this, I want you to see that picture in your mind. Where is the picture located, to the left/right/in front of you?

Now I want you to reach out with your hands and bring that picture closer to you. Now double the size of that picture. Now double it again. Do you still feel sure of your decision in that moment? YES And you’re unconscious, in order to keep a feeling, you’re unconscious spins it. Where does the feeling start – stomach/head/legs? And does it move to the head or legs? Now does that go up your back and down your front…or the other way? Goooood… now that you see you’re unconscious spinning that feeling in that circle. Spin it faster. Now double the speed. Now double that. Now how sure are you of your decision in that moment?

Let’s take that picture of your decision and move it aside and put the picture you’ve made of what this event will be like… in it’s place. Now take a closer look at this event, can you feel this will be a good idea? The perfect opportunity to get more guests. How does it feel?


So the event feels like a good idea, doesn’t it?


Online Reputation Management for Dentists

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