Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Proactive Marketing Strategy is Best When it Comes to Automotive Marketing

What do you understand by active digital marketing? Is it any different from passive digital marketing? There is a significant difference between these two types of marketing disciplines, a subject that is very important to me. Knowing this difference helps you to understand some automotive marketing styles used today and the categories they belong to.

Let’s start with the difference between active and passive digital marketing.

Passive marketing

Most people who do business online do not believe in ‘passive’ techniques. Passive techniques should be used by companies that offer automotive consulting. Passive marketing allows the customer to make the first step. For instance, if someone is looking for a car, they’ll go online and use a search engine like Google to look for companies that sell cars. So search engine marketing is a form of passive marketing. Other forms of passive marketing include:

  • Classified listings like Craigslist

  • Unpaid video marketing

Active marketing

On the other hand, active automotive marketing allows you to make the first move. A good form of active marketing is sending emails to target customers. Other forms of passive marketing include:

  • Social media marketing

  • Using banners and online advertisements

  • Paid videos

We have compared these two forms of marketing on our site as stand hunting vs. still hunting.

Why consider active marketing?

In order to succeed in passive marketing, you must implement the right strategy. You must come up with a strong message and position it where your target customers are likely to see it. Active marketing is more likely to succeed or fail depending on the strategy you use. I will explain why.

The biggest mistake I have seen dealers making when trying to promote their brand is using passive marketing strategies in active marketing platforms. This is something automotive marketing consultants don’t recommend. That is why two different campaigns can have a huge disparity when it comes to the level of success achieved. Active marketing allows you to present your message in a bolder and timelier fashion compared to passive marketing.

There are dealers who can make money on social media by selling their cars directly using paid ads but the same dealers are also unable to make any demonstrable sales after spending thousands on advertising. It all depends on the message they were sending to target customers and how that message was put across.

One thing that works for active marketing platforms is being straightforward whenever you are promoting your dealership. Tell those target customers why they need to visit your dealership even if they already have a car in perfect state.

On passive marketing venues like search, it makes sense to promote your dealership by claiming that you have the largest collection of a certain type of car. For instance a statement like “The Largest Selection of Audis in the State” would work for search but not in automotive marketing venues like social media. This is because the target customers on social media haven’t shown intent to buy an Audi and you haven’t given them a reason to make this decision.

When trying to market on active channels like social media, a message like this would work better “Amazing Discounts of the Year on Audis Happening Right Now”

In short, digital advertising involves sending a message that is suitable for a specific marketing channel.

A Proactive Marketing Strategy is Best When it Comes to Automotive Marketing

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