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Reputation Marketing What Is It?

reputation marketing

What Is Reputation Marketing?

“Reputation Marketing is positioning your self in front of thousands of buyers as the local marketing leader in your industry with the five-star reputation.”

Reputation marketing is the most important kind of marketing because reputation is everything! In business and in life you wont get far with a bad reputation and certainly won’t easily gain the trust of many people.  But what if you had a bad reputation and you didn’t even know about it?  That is exactly what it’s like with businesses not knowing their online reputation score.  That means an encompassing score of all the reviews online that are in the top online local directories and search engines for your specific business. Some businesses may even have local five-star reputations but their online reputations are ruining their chances for new potential customers to come walking through their doors.

Why Haven’t I Head About Reputation Marketing Until Recently?

Move over social marketing-the game has certainly changed with reputation marketing.  You may not have heard about reputation marketing until now due to the fact that Google has made some changes it their algorithm -as well as more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for directions or find the most reputable business for their day-to-day services.  there is also one other critical point of why you may not have heard about reputation marketing until recently-the increasing popularity of online reviews!

How Online Reviews Affect Reputation Marketing

“72% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.”  “70% of buyers trust business is to have a minimum of 6 to 10 positive reviews.”


( insert Neilson chart)

Can you see how customer reviews greatly affect your business’s reputation marketing? Do you see that if your business does not have 10 five-star reviews that your business is not trusted online?  Customer reviews are a huge pillar in a business’s marketing strategy but unfortunately too many businesses have managed to overlook thus far.  remember you are only one bad review away from a bad reputation online-everybody has bad days everyone has different experiences, bad reviews do happen-but what is your reputation marketing strategy for when they do?



Reputation Marketing What Is It?

Negative Online Reviews - The best way to respond

Negative Online Reviews - How To Take The Right Action

No matter how you choose to run your business, getting defensive, it is inevitable that at some point or another, you will face the tough situation of getting a negative online reviews. While it may be tempting to fire back in self-defense, or to wallow in self-pity, those reactions will only compound the criticism you are trying to escape. Instead, it is best that you learn how to handle negative online reviews, so that you can make the best of them, to leverage your business.

Here is a guide to the best way to respond to a negative online reviewsnegative online reviews

Take the reviewer’s perspective. Sure, it may be hard to take, but the truth is this: a lot of negative online reviews have some basis in fact, even if they are exaggerated. Therefore, it is in your best interest to read between the lines when examining negative online reviews. It could be a great opportunity for you to improve your business. Plus, taking some time to consider the other perspective is also a great way to step back and breathe some before formulating a response back to an online review. Never ignore negative online reviews.

Take the time to provide a thoughtful response back to negative online reviews.

Your business will look much better for it, even in the face of harsh criticism. Leave emotion out of it. Skip on the defensive, self-justifying, or offensive remarks and maintain a calm, friendly, and business-like tone when you reply to a negative review. Remember that other potential customers will read your response, and behave yourself in a manner you can be proud of down the line – a manner that speaks for your business in a positive way.

Sympathize With The Reviewer.

You don’t have to apologize if you are truly not at all at fault. However, you still need to acknowledge that you feel bad that the customer had an upsetting experience with your business. You could say something like, “This business prides itself on customer service, and it upsets me to know that you are not happy with your experience working with us. ”

Always Provide A Solution.

It is a great idea to offer the reviewer a coupon, a percentage off their next visit for a chance to redeem yourself (or your business reputation, that is). For example, if the reviewer complained that your representative was late, offer a coupon for the next service, and promise the representative will be on time. False reviews. If a review is illegal, irrelevant to your business, or an outright falsification, it’s important to respond back to the negative review online with a professional response letting others know your side of the story and then you can report it to the site administrator (or flag it) to have it reviewed.

Negative Online Reviews - The best way to respond

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Join Us For Our Upcoming Live Event - Online Reviews Go Viral

Online Reviews Go Viral:

“The Biggest Thing To Happen Since Social Media!”


You may not know this but, Google just bought up review-power house, Zagat, and Google is now REQUIRING ZAGAT TO REVIEW EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS through their customer reviews online! And as your reviews online continue to grow more and more from the use of mobile devices, social media, and review sites like Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor showing your guests what others have experienced with you. It becomes vital to stay up to date and on top of your reviews online. Sadly, having a 5-star rating on one site, like TripAdvisor, is NOT enough anymore. Your Bed and Breakfast MUST now have a 5-Star rating on ALL the TOP DIRECTORIES to be seen as the premiere bed and breakfast in the area. Because as we’ll show you, TripAdvisor isn’t the first place guests start looking to find you. So, to be seen as credible online, having a strategy to maintain your 5-Star Reputation is an absolute must have! Let us show you how you can do it…at our LIVE EVENT!


Online Reviews Go Viral

What Every B&B MUST Now Know To Be Rated 5 Stars On Google, TripAdvisor & Yelp


  • · Date: This Tuesday and the following Wednesday

  • · Price: NO-COST

  • · Time: 10:00AM to 1:00PM (45 min.)

  • · Where: ONLINE – So join our live webinar event in just ONE CLICK on your computer from the comfort of your home or office.

  • · Speakers: The founder of Overdrive Strategies, Zachary Miller, will be giving the presentation. He’ll be showing you how-to implement the same strategies; he uses to make sure his clients are seen as the market leaders with an incredible 5-Star reputation online.

Register Now!


In This Webinar, Online Reviews Go Viral, You’ll Learn . . .

1. One Proven technique that will instantly drive new and highly qualified guests to your B&B Automatically. (It’s worth attending our free event even for this information alone!)

2. The secret to effortlessly building undeniably loyal guest relationships. (We’ll show you how to use FREE online resources to serve your guests in completely new ways!)

3. How to develop a strategy to ensure your reservations stay full all year round (We’ve got practical ideas for dramatically increasing reservation rates for you!)

4. Four ways to suddenly increase revenue, improve guest’s satisfaction, and boost your staff’s productivity by over 20% — all within 90 days! (This isn’t hype or overpromise. We’ll show you how you can actually do it!)

5. Learn a SINGLE 10-minute change that will add another $5,000 to your bottom line this year… (If you implement this one tip, your B&B will certainly buzz with new guests ALL year!)


Want To Learn More? Visit www.OverdriveStrategies.com/MoreInfo


Gift #1:.Our new one-of-a-kind reputation monitoring system ($495 Value) has just launched! We’re giving every attendee UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS at NO-COST allowing you to easily monitor any online reviews about you, so you can respond back within minutes of a review being posted.

Gift #2: As an added bonus, all attendees will receive $100 into your Google AdWords Account which gets reservations the same day the ad goes live! (A great thing to have when you’re in a pinch to fill up a room!)

PS: We’re finally revealing it all! Learn the same proven strategies we use for our own clients and secure their 5-Star reputations!

Register for Online Reviews Go Viral

We’ll See You There!

Sasha Miller & Zachary Miller


Overdrive Strategies

3450 Palencia Drive

Tampa, FL 33618


Join Us For Our Upcoming Live Event - Online Reviews Go Viral

Online Reputation Management: The Expectations

Setting and Managing Expectations For Online Reputation Management

The phrase “reputation management problem” describes what happens once you detect a poor overview of your company browsing engine result pages. Whether it’s the consequence of a scathing user review on your own local search web site, or other negative linking campaigns by competitors or rivals, reputation management problems are an instantaneous concern for brands. If you find a concern, you will need to do this to safeguard your brand.

• 1. Among the key things you must do instantly is, manage expectations for your company. Once the negative information regarding your brand is found by other related sites, your brand comes with an uphill battle pushing and removing those negative opinions and converting those negative opinions into reviews that are positive. Consider concerning the headline “bad service by XYZ Company strikes again” – it very quickly turns up on iPhone apps like Yelp and Urbanspoon. The consumer’s voice is heard, and because so many folks are actually using our mobile devices before buying products, we have been strongly influenced by business ratings, reviews, and consumer comments.

• 2. Reputation management isn’t a fresh concept – everybody from the world’s largest businesses to the neighborhood deli is now getting reviewed online and their reputation depends on a safeguard for their brand image. However there are a few things you should know before starting off with online reputation management. 


Online Reputation Management Isn’t Magic-You Can’t Just “Make It Disappear”

online reputation management

• 3. In the online world, the negative or positive information posted about your company stays online, ages such as a fine wine, and wae comment or review.

Reputation Is No Overnight Task Even With Online Reputation Management

• 4. Whenever a company lets the negative content stay in the various search engines for some time, it gains authority and links from other internet sites. And, it will not get fixed without some action in your part. Expectation setting: in the event that you hire a team of reputation management experts, it becomes much easier to get rid of or suppress damaging negative content from the very first pages of Google and turbo charge your online reputation utilizing the most advanced technology and “white hat” (ethical) SEO practices.

• 5. If your business possesses an online reputation management issue, setting and managing expectations would have been a key factor for keeping up you reputation while protecting and defending your business online.

Online Reputation Management: The Expectations

Eight Steps To Awesome Digital Content Creation

digital content creationWe all know web content is important, but often does digital content creation fall on the back burner to other more pressing business issues. Have you ever really stopped to think about the consequences of not taking your website content strategy seriously?

You Can’t Be Too Busy For Digital Content Creation

If you’ve ever heard the old adage “the cobbler’s children run barefoot” – it sums up perfectly how many online marketing businesses feel about their own websites and content strategies when they’re just starting up. At least I know my team and I did. As a small team starting out, we were so busy serving our clients and doing digital content creation for them, that we didn’t even have a content strategy of our own and it showed!

Let’s face it, poor quality, lack of engagement and haphazardly written web content, shows obvious neglect in a marketing plan. It’s really too big of a gamble to take. Serious companies need an amazing content development strategy if they want to succeed in the SERPs and win over clients. In addition, they’ll want a solid digital content creation plan with appropriate marketing ideas and essential tools and techniques. Above all, the most important thing to remember is that Search Engine Optimization all revolves around your website content. Before you can begin to create an SEO strategy, you’ll need to decide on your digital content creation strategy.

1. Focus In On Your Audience

Notice all demographics, including age range, professions, income, marital status, everything you can. Sometimes, different services or products might attract different kinds of customers. You may need to develop different strategies to satisfy their needs. You’ll want to know as much as you can ahead of time.

2. Determine What They’re Looking For

A well-executed content strategy satisfies your prospects problems. Your site should be seen as a solution in your industry – not the result of randomly thrown-together articles. Rather than attempting to “sell” a service or product, presenting yourself as a solution to common industry-related issues will prove the best method. If you’re most interested in self-promotion to get your name out – what you’re really looking for is advertising strategies.

3. Identify Who Influences Your Target Prospects The Most

Analyze social media pages and the sites that your prospective customers frequent. Notice the names that often come up in their dialogues that are on-line. Make note of the writers, journalists, bloggers and industry-experts that affect the views of your prospects outlook. You should include them as part of your market and analyze their activities. You can begin building relationships with these influencers to help you gain more authority via guest blog posts, interviews or other methods.

4. Analyze Their Language

Use phrases like “epic fail” and “newb” and particular groups of people may understand that you’re simply speaking their lingo. Examine a content writer’s preceding works, and notice whether or not their voice suits your audience, if you’re planning to hire them. Exceptionally successful writers create both fiction and nonfiction. The fiction writer knows the best way to zero in on your target audience’s communication style, and discover the proper voice. It’ll be much easier to develop a marketing strategy once you comprehend your audience’s language.

5. Find Your Ideal Content Distribution Strategy

Individuals with shorter attention spans might favor videos and slide shows, whereas long type posts are preferred by others. Usually, the best plan of attack is to have a combined media strategy. A content strategy that utilizes not only text, but also photos, videos and possible downloadable files is best to engage multiple types of users. Also by making use of content publishing platforms and content aggregators you can get your content in front of even more people who may not have seen it otherwise.

6. Create a Digital Content Creation Calendar

Journals and magazines have editorial calendars to stay consistent and on track with deadlines. So should your web site. By creating a mix of seasonal and monthly themes, your content creation team will never experience writer’s block, and it supplies a basic roadmap for future content.

7. Create Engaging Headlines

If content is king, a headline is its crowning glory. In the book “The Copywriter’s Handbook”, Bob Bly presents 8 different time-tested headline categories that trigger sales-producing responses:

  • Direct headlines, like “All items 10 percent off in January,” produce high activity.

  • Indirect headlines that use analogy and subtlety.

  • News headlines, like “Live from New York.”

  • How-to headlines, like “How can I actually lose 10 pounds”

  • Question headlines must ask questions that many people would like answered. A prime example: “Can I still lose weight if I eat a pint of ice cream every day?”

  • Command headlines, like “Put a Tiger in Your Tank,” begin with a strong call to action.

8. Determine Which Social Media Network to Target

Specific social networks will be more useful to your audience than others. Target several networks to post content to regualrly, and avoid spreading yourself too thin, when you first start out. Test different kinds of content for distinct social media networks.

9.The 80/20 Rule For Digital Content Creation

This is like the 80/20 rule but instead it’s a 70-20-10 ratio for your digital content creation strategy.

  • 70% represents your everyday how-to’s/tutorials, expert tips, industry news, best industry tools, ect.

  • The next 20%, your best featured pieces of content for the month. Think of this 20% as the seasonal “Rock Star” moments that you want to share. Topics like local industry-related events, special infographics, new ebook/s, case studies, special guest interviews, guest blog posts, ect.

  • Finally the save the last 10% for the more predictable types of content like, company updates, service promotions, special offers, re-cycled posts, affiliate mentions, ect.

10. Determine ROI

Use a great analytic system to discover what did and didn’t function well so you can you’re your digital content creation for the next month accordingly.

If you do the all of the above you’ll definitely have the ability to create your own successful marketing strategy for your company.

Eight Steps To Awesome Digital Content Creation

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Automotive Consulting - Setting Reputation Management Expectations

Automotive Consulting – Setting Expectations For Reputation Management

Every dealership understands how important their company’s reputation is and you give your very best to shield unfavorable feedback. But what happens when even your very best efforts at maintaining a strong reputation are simply not enough?

Automotive ConsultingMany auto dealers mistakenly believe hiring a Reputation Management or automotive consulting company will erase months as well as years worth of unflattering reviews from their review network sites without any effort on their end. None the less, I must tell you, that is a great misconception about internet Reputation companies offering such solutions.

The fact remains, anyone who informs you they are able to remove all  your bad reviews and fill your dealerships listings with nothing but 5 star reviews is either lying to you or potentially committing illegal acts, which may ultimately harm your credibility down the road. Reviews must be earned organically by training your staff on the real value of providing extraordinary customer service to every person while also using proactive review gathering methods like Text-2-Review that make it easy and fast for customers to leave reviews.

When dealerships find themselves unprepared after they discover bad reviews online, they look for specialized help from Reputation Management or automotive consulting firm like myself, to help improve their situations.

Probably the most challenging component of automotive consulting is getting the dealers to recognize there is absolutely no magic wand to make the negative reviews disappear.  I teach them proactive solutions like gathering more good reviews to push down the bad ones  – it’s the only ethical way. Besides, even if I had the capability to remove negative reviews, that doesn’t solve the underlying issue that’s causing the negative reviews in the first place.

A dealerships reputation online is the direct link of how well they listen and engage with their customers. It’s true – not absolutely all reviews accurately reflect the specific circumstances of the corporation, but 91% of prospects read reviews they find on the internet and base their purchasing decisions on those reviews.

Customers take time to publish lengthy reviews, in line with the experience they’d at your store and with staff members – and yes a lot of times they’re based on emotion rather than accurate facts. The important thing should be to not get defensive. So a part of my job must be to help clarify the valid points created by the customers, particularly if recurring comments are demonstrably not getting addressed in-store.

Its imperative that you recognize that the customer took precious time out from the busy day to supply feedback that one could to work well with to boost your entire organization.

Some dealers choose to begin to use a Reputation Management or an automotive consulting company to deal with or respond back again to their on the internet reviews. Most of them want to invest in the problem but believe selling cars is more important. Reasonably so, but there aren’t many car buyers out there now that won’t Google a dealership before buying a car, so it’s critical to actively engage your online prospects and make sure your reputation is taken care of.

No matter how much money you pay – no reputation system in the world will likely turn your local store into a 5 star dealership overnight. If you insist on getting good results – you’ll need to position yourself as the market leader and put in a little effort.

Automotive consulting at Overdrive Strategies offers custom approaches for assisting dealerships with proactive solutions in your case & your staff to make & maintain a fantastic well-rounded reputation.

Anyone who genuinely wants to grow their reputation and still sell cars every single day might wish to start using a reputation service to better manage their time. Just bear in mind they’re there to you’re your dealership improve – they cannot take care of your customers for you.

Any store that simply sits back and waits for 5 star reviews without emphasizing their customers & feedback, will undoubtedly be left behind in 2014.  You must be proactive to generate a 5-star reputation. That requires a little effort & determination in your part.

Customer care is the solution to selling more cars this year – social engagement & responding to feedback will be the ways to make it happen!

Common recurring complaints are always a fantastic indicator you have what to improve upon. Ignoring your on line visitors feedback only hurt you in the end and allow more bad reviews. Own up, take full action for your online reputation, have the whole staffs support with this topic, and use an automotive consulting company to be your go-to to improve you automotive marketing efforts. It all starts with YOU!

Automotive Consulting - Setting Reputation Management Expectations

Reputation Marketing for Bed and Breakfasts

It can be difficult at times when you have to do so much. You like us, are a busy business owner, and sometimes you think – “What could I do to make everything easier for myself and my staff? – HECK! – How can I just simply be more profitable?”

Well… all of us here at Overdrive Strategies have been fortunate enough to be placed in the right place at just the right time now and more importantly with the right knowledge in hand. That’s why we educate & train local businesses on the BIGGEST and most recent changes to online marketing trends so that you canstay ahead of your competition, get more referral customers and most importantly, dramatically increase your revenue. We do all this at no-cost. WHY? Because every once in a while there comes a time when you simply MUST tell a secret…

And right now I have something I simply MUST share with you…

I know you may not know this, but OVER 80 MILLION LOCAL BUSINESSES are being affected by the changes that Google (and other review sites) have made in the last 6 months. Over these recent months, my team and I have watched as small companies with next-to-no online exposure, suddenly blossom into 5-star referral-generated companies and at the other end I have also seen the pain and devastation that even a few nasty black-mailing reviews online have wrought on a company’s local reputation, to the point that they had to close their doors. We don’t want to see that happen! We sincerely care about the local business you all work hard to establish.

That’s why we’re putting on this special event to help prepare your B&B for the online marketing shift that has just taken place. We’re here to arm you with a proven Online Reputation Strategy that will help you be more efficient, more effective & get LOTS of new referral business SO THIS YEAR IS YOUR MOST PROFITABLE-YET!”


To learn more about this event to gowww.OverdriveStrategies.com/MoreInfo 


This dramatic shift in marketing is even growing into a WORLDWIDEphenomenon! These changes in marketing are so powerful it is even affecting countries like Europe, Australia & Canada just to name a few! Google sure isn’t dumb, they knew exactly what they were doing when they made this strategic partnership with Zagat & began rating businesses. They were looking to CREATE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MOVEMENT WITHIN THE LOCAL MARKETPLACE and this is EXACTLY what is starting to happen right now!

So What Are These “Game Changers”?

Well, first and foremost, is Game Changer #1 - When you type in ANY Company Name + The City = it reveals that Company’s Reputation online. (ENABLE IMAGES AND SEE THE PROOF)Do you know you everything that your customers say about you? Are you up-to-date with your reputation online?

My Online Reputation

Game Changer #2 – Statistics show: Consumers TRUST customer reviews posted online as much as personal recommendations! Look at the picture below, even Neilson Ratings has shown that to be 100% TRUE!

My Online Reputation

Game Changer #3 – Consumers search and read an average of 6-10 reviews BEFORE making a decision on what company to do business with.

My Online Reputation

Game Changer #4 – SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA, LOCAL ADS & PPC don’t work anymore- IF YOU HAVE BAD REVIEWS ONLINE. Have you been throwing money down the drain like this Bed and Breakfast below?

My Online Reputation

As you can already see, these game changers are so incredibly POWERFUL! And with the right strategy in place, you can easily DOUBLE, if not, TRIPLE YOUR INCOME THIS YEAR (this is NOT hype or overpromise). We’ll show you the proven Reputation Marketing strategy that we use to develop & maintain our own clients 5-Star reputations online, along with our complimentary step-by-step guide with easy-to-follow instructions that walk you through the entire process.


See you there,

Sasha and Zachary Miller

Reputation Marketing for Bed and Breakfasts

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Online Reputation Marketing In The News

Recent News Stories Show the Importance of Online Reputation for Marketing a Local Business

online reputation

After Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares aired on May 10th, 2012 bloggers, media analysts, and internet marketers were treated to what has been characterized as one of the most public and potentially devastating internet melt downs a business has experienced to date. Phoenix-based Amy’s Baking Company is not the first business to play victim of a highly connected, high speed world.  A business’s online reputation should be the first thing on an owners mind right now but some companies have made a few costly mistakes in 2012.

CelebBoutique made the news for tweeting about the trending of Aurora. The problem was that the company had failed to realize that the reason Aurora was trending in Google at the time was because of the staged mass shooting that took place inside a movie theater. Chick-Fil-A learned that fast food and political views may not be quite the right mix. KitchenAid learned the same hard lesson. Numerous retailers tried to capitalize on tragedy this past year, trying to leverage their online reputation and visibility by mentioning Superstorm Sandy in tweets and online promotions. (Not sure how successful that was…) At the beginning of 2013, a controversy spilled out regarding a pastor’s refusal to tip noted on a receipt, the subsequent firing of an employee who allowed a picture of the receipt to be taken and posted online, and the disastrous online reputation fallout that followed. Even, Abercrombie & Fitch was in the news for being too blatant about their “ideal” consumer marketing strategy.

This Affects Small Local Businesses Online Reputation – McDonald’s Not So Much

While larger national brands are brought into the spotlight, it is somewhat to be expected. Those larger companies have well-established brands and also have big time advertising budgets. While these online reputation controversies might make for good reading and discussion for a few days or even weeks, the reality is that they typically subside leaving the brand a bit less credible than before. However a few “minor slip ups” for local businesses and things can get really messy if things are let go over time. Larger organizations can absorb the blow from a little bit of negative publicity here or there. But local businesses, however, rely on word of mouth and immediate public perception in order to keep the phones ringing.  Which is why online reputation may not be on Donald Trump’s to-do list but you’ll definitely want it to be on your business checklist for 2013!

Why Some Owners Are Still Missing The Point When It Comes To Online Reputation

Many local business owners do not fully comprehend the importance of their online reputation and the tremendous power of positive online reviews. A Harvard study showed that a one star increase or decrease on Yelp reviews for larger firms with bigger advertising budgets has very little effect. Many business owners are familiar with this and as such do not see the value in investing in more aggressive social media marketing campaigns. The other part of the Harvard study showed that small and local businesses could benefit a lot from having an online reputation strategy and showed a revenue jump of up to 9 percent with a single star increase  on Yelp based on user reviews.

With more than half of consumers today searching for local businesses and business having changed to the educated and empowered consumer model, being able to be found online is just half of the battle. For the local business, what people say about your business online makes a big difference in the success of your business offline. Developing an online reputation strategy for the long-term and developing a relationship with existing and potential customers is paramount to a successful business strategy in today’s new online reputation market.

Online Reputation Marketing In The News